Get Your Sexy ON, even if you don’t know where it went

Get Your Sexy ON, even if you don’t know where it went

Lori Stafford-ThomasI have never really liked exercise-related dancing. Maybe because I am not very good at following all the steps. Zumba is fun but I am the one in the back going the wrong way.


So it is with this lack of coordination that I agreed to try Vegas Stiletto Fitness with my friend Davida Wright Galvin. She is that tall, leggy, bombshell fitness person that you want to hate, but you find you just can’t, because she eats bacon and is so encouraging to everyone in the class.


The first time I went to VSF I actually went to buy some stilettos because I want to get everything out of it. Davida says you can wear any shoes of any height, but I wanted to get the full effect. Don’t get me wrong I like exercise – spinning, biking, running, team sports where you sweat. What I don’t like is what I am not good at – following steps that require brainwork.


So armed with my new Jessica Simpson snakeskin stilettos I walked into the class and saw beautiful, colorful, fuzzy boas on every chair. Now who doesn’t like a chance to wrap a boa around herself and take on a new character? This got my full attention.


The class starts with a cocktail, Champaign in this case, and a pose in front of a red carpet-like wall with Vegas Stiletto Fitness in the background. Everyone is encouraging me to smile and think of something sexy. I have to admit I felt a bit pampered and special. Maybe this could be fun.


We start with some basic moves – how to walk like a diva with one foot in front of the other, how to stand, pivot turn – you know – model moves. I do feel taller, thinner, and maybe slightly more confident. My favorite move is “Rub the Lotion On.” Ok, you can imagine what that means. I run my fingers through my hair and start to relax.


We all take turns walking the runway in our stilettos with the music blaring. Everyone is laughing and hamming it up. That’s when I start to see a difference in me and everyone else. There is a different smile, a difference stance, and a twinkle of confidence in the eyes of the women that wasn’t there before.


Don’t think it was all 20-year-old models, because the class attracted women of all ages, from 20 to 80. Grandmothers, mothers, thin, overweight, coordinated and like me, not so coordinated. All needing the same thing – a big jolt of confidence. Something more than just exercise was happening here.


Some smart woman in the past, Mae West maybe, said, “Confidence is sexy.” (I asked Google and it credited the quote to Paris Hilton. Good Lord.) Anyway Confidence IS sexy. I could see it in action and feel it in myself.


For the next half hour we learned a routine to dance around the chair. Super easy with lots of impromptu poses that let you be yourself. As I talked with the others in the class on our second glass of Champaign I realize Vegas Stiletto Fitness is really half dancing and half camaraderie. We are all in it together learning something new, feeling better about ourselves, and getting some exercise to boot.


One woman said it made her want to go home to her husband and dance for him. One said she forgot about her diet and her weight and just moved with the music. Another said, “It just made me feel alive again.”


So thank you Davida for the lesson in courage, confidence and conviction. It reminds me that no matter how old you are you can be sexy and self-assured. You can quiet the negative voices in your head, let go and have fun.


I would highly recommend Vegas Stiletto Fitness for women of all ages, but especially for moms who are stressed raising children. Pretty much all moms I know. Use VSF as a special party to celebrate a milestone birthday or just a time out with your girlfriends. Take a chance, I can guarantee your husband will not only encourage it – he will pay for the ticket.

October 2014
October 2014

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