24 Hours to LIve

This was a topic I was assigned to write about during my Life Power Yoga Teacher Training. What would you do if you had 24 Hours from now to live?


24 Hours to Live

by Davida

If the sun rose and I learned that after this day I would be no more

I would gather my family and hold them till they felt my love burning through their core

But with little time for crying and useless tears

We’d have to find exciting things to distract out somber fears.

First brunch at Snooze with bacon and champagne

Then off to Elitch Gardens for a quick ride on Twister, Eraser and Boomerang.

Next a drive to the mountains to have a last romance with nature

Along side my daughter and sons I’d run, jump, hike and take lots of pictures.

On the way back we’d quickly call everyone on the cell phone

Tell them it’s one of our infamous impromptu parties in our home

People would show unknowingly to hear music and dance singing karaoke

It would be wonderful to smile, laugh, hug creating a lasting memory

And when all of our friends and neighbors went out the door

I’d pick up my phone to make calls once more.

My aunts, uncles, in-laws and any cousins I could find

I’d wish them all well and say good-bye.

One more last number I’d would need to dial

To make amends with my brother, I haven’t seen in a while.

My heart would be heavy as I’m sure I wouldn’t want to go

My children so young, unable to see them grow.

My husband, who I’m in love with so specially

I would want his face to be the last I see

I would remember the times we laughed and joked sarcastically

Like him, no other could stimulate me mentally

He is my rock and I am his desert flower

In his arms I would want to spend my final hours.

Gazing into his eyes and realizing we made our dreams come true

So much love, our beautiful children and a great dog too

I’d have no regrets except that I couldn’t stay longer

Spreading love, promoting peace and making the world stronger.




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