Water the Seeds of Peace

I had a disturbing dream recently. My daughter was a toddler playing next to a lake at my in-laws house. I was at the other end of the lake with the other family members. This should have woke me immediately because I never would have been far from my young children around water. She fell into the lake. My husband and father-in-law jumped into the lake to save her but they jumped in from the other end. I remember thinking they should have jumped in close to her because it will be hard to reach her quickly. 

You might think I went into hysteria and possibly hyperventilated in my sleep. Instead I was very calm and felt at peace knowing she would be okay. I felt this as I watched my father-in-law reach her and hoist her above water. She wobbled her head and batted her eyes. Then my father-in-law dropped her back in. Eventually she was taken out of the water. 

I suppose someone more clairvoyant might be able to read more into the dream. But my take-away was remaining calm. I felt peace, confident she would be okay. 

Scientist say your dreams are you subconscious working out thoughts and feelings. My daughter is now 19 and going to college far from home on the east coast. I’m happy to share I do feel at peace where she is concerned and confident that no matter what, she will overcome all obstacles and shine. 

I probably chose to work out these feelings on a lake because I have been talking about water the last month in my yoga classes.  Winter is the season of yin with the element of water. 

Water is life. It has so many lessons to share. Water is purifying, fluid, reflective and powerful. Through movement we increasing the flow of circulation in our bodies. Through breathing we infuse the blood with oxygen. Through stillness we can reflect on our thoughts and feelings. Through patience and perseverance like a river wearing down a bed of rocks, we are powerful.

Thich Nhat Han talks about water with the metaphor of nourishing the gardens of our lives. We house the seeds of love, joy, compassion as well as seeds of anger, greed and jealousy. Today what will you water? A seed or a weed? 

Join me for yoga this week and explore the water element. I’ll also share the story of the first yoga teacher and student. For Valentine’s week I’ll be sharing poetry. Take time to nourish the garden of your life. Water the seeds of self care and compassion. As Kahlil Gibran wrote: “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.” 

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