Scavenger Hunt 2017

The picture titles may or may not be a clue.  

To receive full points you must take a picture of your team (minus the photographer) at the same location as shown in the picture.

No extra credit for “creative” pictures.

The points are the points.

Good Luck!

#1 (A)n (E)asy (O)ne 25 pts


#2 Sporty Clothes 25 pts


#3 Campy Clothes 25 pts


#4 Crafty Christmas 25 pts


#5 Not an Earring Store 25 pts


#6 Time for Bed 25 pts


#7 Shakespeare’s California? 25 pts


#8 Fifteen Miles to the… 25 pts


#9 Gronk Speaks 25 pts


#10 Wool Worth It 50 pts


#11 White Tiger 50 pts


#12 New Name for Powell Middle School 50 pts


13 Ya Can’t Get Theyah From Heyah 50 pts


#14 Living Room 100 pts


No anchor stores were used for any of these clues.
In other words, you don’t have to go roaming through Dillard’s.

The more points, the less obvious the item.
You probably have to go into a store to find it.