Find Peace in 2024

Davida January 2024

“Inner Peace is a gift to myself that benefits others.”

I like listening to Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech each MLK holiday. It helps me express profound gratitude for the efforts so many made with him in the fight for civil rights. Listening during a yin yoga class allows you to be still and deeply feel emotions in your body as he passionately speaks and the people testify in the back ground. His message was not only about equality but also peace.

Yoga is a practice to find inner peace. We are a reflection of our environment. That doesn’t mean you are a victim of your circumstances, but rather you have the power to affect your surroundings. As a Buddhist, we believe world peace begins with each individual finding contentment and happiness. That inner peace then ripples out to those around you. If each person takes responsibility for finding peace, then we can finally create it in our homes, neighborhoods, towns and so on. 

It seems so far away with our current state of affairs. Wars raging around the world. Politicians lying and igniting anger. People divided by labels. Dr King’s speech reminds us that we’re all the same. Yoga reminds us that everyone wants to enjoy good health and happiness. 

Peace is a practice! Otherwise, it’s easy to succumb to negativity and see your neighbor as evil because you disagree. By putting routines and rituals in place we make daily reminders to think and do what we want to experience and become. 

In yoga we practice “ahisma” or doing no harm. Deepak Chopra lists the following practices for finding peace.

Practices of Peace:

  • Don’t create stress for self and others
  • Look for areas of agreement instead of areas of discord. 
  • Take responsibility for your own anger and resentment. Don’t unleash them on other people
  • Get out of the habit of blaming others. 
  • Be aware of your impulse to judge, criticize and get offended. Don’t indulge in impulse whenever possible. 
  • Distance yourself from hostile people and hostile situations. 

Feel free to print this out and place somewhere you can see daily. These are great ideas to embrace as we endure the year ahead. Good luck and I hope to see you on your mat often. 


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