Mountains Majesty

Davida 7/2023

I always loved looking at the mountains growing up in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada. I would later realize how unimpressive these mountains are compared with the Sierra Nevada Range, the Rocky Mountains and even the White Mountains of New Hampshire (which I referred to as hills when I first saw them). 

Of course I was in awe during my recent trip to Alaska to gaze upon the monstrous mountains in the Tongass National Forest along the southern coast of the state. 

I was impressed by the harsh ruggedness of the area with miles of untouched land. It was clear that everything living here fought hard to survive. The trees where huge and dense. The sharp mountain range, relatively new,  carved out by the rolling alpine glaciers. Here, Bald Eagles seemed to be the neighborhood bird as I saw several. It was truly breath taking. 

I’m not alone in my reverence for mountains. Through time man has always sought spiritual guidance and replenishment there. It seems easier to connect to nature and find inner peace. Being among the trees and climbing higher is uplifting, once you catch your breath. On higher ground you can see the land around you, gain a wider perspective and feel your connection to the universe. You are here now!

Mountains are solid, still and unmovable. We can embrace these characteristics in our yoga and mindful practices. By finding the placidity of the mountain you can slow down and experience calm and peacefulness in the body. 

Alaska 2023
The majestic mountains north of Juneau, Alaska

Thich Nhat Hanh said home is inside of us and Earth is our home. She purifies and refreshes. She accepts all, flowers to excrement, without discrimination. She brings us back to life and accepts us back when we die. I love the ocean but the mountains are my home and probably where I’ll want my ashes spread when I die. 


Cruise to Alaska
On the Discovery Princess in Alaska 7/2023

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