Waging War Over Our Smaller Self

Davida 8/2023

My friend Sherry recently hosted an Arbonne party. She picked out the Hawaiian themed decorations. She provided fruit and drinks. Products were set out to sample. A monitor shared slides explaining the new items. It may not sound like a big deal, but Sherry has cerebral palsy. She is non-verbal, confined to a wheelchair, lacking full control of her muscles, and hands contracted into fists. 

Sherry communicates using sign language. But with her arms having limited mobility, it’s challenging to make out the letters. Her father, Steve is great at it. He read the Arbonne presentation for the ladies she invited to the party. 

I left, happy to buy products, but very inspired by Sherry and her determination to be an independent Arbonne consultant. Emphasis on the independent. If she can do that, what’s the excuse for any of us to give up on our dreams?

Undoubtedly Sherry won the war of the greater self over the smaller self.  The smaller self is that easily defeated part of us full of doubt and judgment.  The greater self is joyful, compassionate, understanding and courageous. It’s our higher life condition. Where we feel powerful and unbeatable. 

Being your best self doesn’t happen by default. While we all have inherent goodness, it takes effort to let it shine. We must peel away layers of gook and residue collected over our years. 

Negativity, fear and uncertainty are the devilish functions that keep us wallowing in the lower life condition. Longing to be like people on social media. Worrying about not having enough. Holding doubt and cynicism about our abilities. 

To win wars you must have fierce weapons. Fortunately yoga teaches us how to develop and sharpen them so we can rise to be our best selves. 

Sherry's Arbonne Party

Body Wellness

When the body is strong and in good health we are more willing to keep going. It can be putting in many hours to learn, work or play. Any physical activity can be burdensome when hindered by lack of sleep, poor nutrition or pain. 

A study in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, found that mind-body exercises like yoga actually decrease the cascade of inflammation caused by chronic stress. Plus it’s known to lowers blood pressure and tension. Look at older yogis and notice how they move compared to those who spend a lot of time sitting. 

Sherry may be limited in her physical movements but eating well and getting enough rest help the body function optimally and allow the mind to find focus. (Some Arbonne supplements helps with this.)


We usually start a yoga practice by connecting to the breath. Associated with prana, our life force, the breath brings us into the present, feeling our heart beat, and tapping into life using our senses. Breath is the first thing you reach for when summoning courage or needing calming.

The breath takes and sends cues to the nervous system. When the body is calm, so is the mind and vice versa.  With the body relaxed and confidence welling from the heart, we are poised to act on our desires and be fearless in pursuit of our goals.   


Awareness is another lesson yoga teaches. To notice what’s happening  with in and around you in the moment.  Shedding the regrets of the past, and avoiding the worries of the future puts us here in the now where we take action.

Being present frees us from the stress of the unknown and burden of the mistakes made. When you are aware of yourself and your power, you can rise to the occasion of any task, putting your best foot forward. 

A consistent yoga practice will sharpen the connection to your body through breath and awareness. With calm focus you can live your best life in any circumstance. 

Sherry practices Nichiren Buddhism, chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo as a way to tap into her potential and live a fulfilling life of joy.  

If you’re interested in Arbonne and supporting Sherry find more at this link: http://SharonBurson.arbonne.com



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